Richard T. – Palm Springs

I would like to thank John for bringing my computer back to life after another “technician” said it was hopeless. He also fixed my email in 3 minutes after Time Warner computer techs took an hour today and they couldn’t find out what was wrong.

Marian S. – Cathedral City

When my hard drive crashed, I was lucky that I chose My Computer Doctor from the yellowpages.  He is pleasant, courteous, prompt, patient, very knowledgeable and helpful. My computer was beyond repair but he provided and alternative solution that I could afford and for which I am thankful.  It is my pleasure to recommend My Computer Doctor.

Bob – Rancho Mirage

Just a note thanking you for providing the software fix for my laptop.  I had initially brought the laptop back to where I bought it – Best Buy and they convinced me to sign up for a $200 annual maintenance contract.  They called me back and said that the operating system was corrupted and they would put in a new operating system but that I would lose my installed software programs.  To avoid that I would need to pay another $245.00 for a backup recovery operation and it would take two to three days before I would get the computer back.  It did not sound right so I picked up the computer, canceled my maintenance contract and called you.  My intuition was correct, you found the real problem and within an hour you had my computer up and running.  Thanks!

T. Barnes – Cathedral City

I don’t recommend people very often, but today I feel confident in doing so. I had a gentleman from Panorama fix my computer and now it is working like clock-work. On a scale of 1-10, he is absolutely a 10!

J. Bard – Palm Desert

Thank you, as usual, for your GREAT help in resolving my computer issues – much appreciated.  After an agonizing 2 days with zero results – you were able to quickly identify the problem, clean up the “mess,” and get me up and running – when the HP Online help suggested service for printer hook-up fell dismally short – “a failure to communicate ” on all fronts!  Am therefore, highly recommending your services to anyone needing the benefit of your expertise and over 30 plus years in the industry.  In short – You are the DOCTOR every COMPUTER needs!

Shirley B – Palm Desert

Thank you for all your help and your infinite patience.  You are truly my Guru!

Joanna S – Palm Desert

I have not enjoyed my computer this much in a very long time. You sure know your stuff.

Karen H. – Palm Springs

OMG… I can not tell you HOW fast and great my computer is now… I will probably be thru with my work by 6:00 PM… instead of 10:00 PM….

Thank you so much.


T. Hall – Cathedral City

My phone locked me out and wouldn’t allow me access or recognize my password even though it was the correct password. AT&T simply wanted to reset my phone without trying to save anything. I admit I didn’t know if anything was backed up, saved to the Cloud etc. AT&T gives me a phone and ushers me out the door whenever I buy a new one so I guess it’s my fault for not knowing how to work it. However, 2 different stores could only say reset it and forget about saving the pictures you just took of your 84 year old aunt that you’re never going to see again, along with all the genealogy she shared with you. I told them I had someone who would save it for me and then they could reset it and they didn’t believe me. John at My Computer Doctor saved all my pictures and videos and was able to transfer them to my computer as well. AT&T was flabbergasted that it was done. I can’t say enough about this company. Thank you. Thank you.